Cyrus Karimipour

Cyrus Karimipour CV 2019


Geometry of Defenseis an empirical study of ballistics and geometry.

A 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot has long been regarded a devastating solution for home defense. One pull of the trigger propels several projectiles, each following its own random, individual path. Each point of impact becomes a coordinate, and each coordinate, a vertex. While a single bullet creates only a line, the shotgun is a multiplier which organizes unrealized shapes; each as a snowflake, unique. Images start as paper targets, which are then used as templates for drawings and models. These templates are a means to slow down an instantaneous explosion in order to visualize what had occurred. Drawn images are often playfully colored, seemingly impossible two-dimensional objects; layered images are close-up shots of alternating sheets of candy-colored construction paper and vellum; and structural images are documented scale models, created to accurately trace projectile paths. Each image is the reassembly of an event visible only by the effect it has had on its mark.