Emmy Bright

Emmy Bright CV

Emmy Bright works in drawing, writing, print and performance.  In all of these mediums, she explores the problems of empathy and the problems of boundaries.  She often works with opposing binaries, like aloneness and togetherness, parts and wholes, breakage and repair, distance and connection. By working with opposites, she draws attention to how they connect, intermingle and depend on one another.  In this current body of work, these opposites manifest as two sides of each panel (left and right or top and bottom.)  The work contains strong variegated strokes of monochromatic color that are repeatedly cut into then reassembled and then taped, and these acts of removal and repair feel especially symbolic in the difficulty of the now.  Bright has produced projects and exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Internationally. She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at Ox-Bow School of Art, Vermont Studio Center, New Urban Arts, University of Hawaii, and Haystack School of Crafts. She is currently an Artist in Residence and Head of Print Media at Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, MI). She lives and works in Southwest Detroit.