Mario Moore

Mario Moore CV 2019

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by history. I view painting as a historical journey that shifts through time -From ancient Black civilizations that produced some of the most sophisticated and advanced empires the world has ever seen; European history paintings that depict Black bodies in subordinate roles; to the historical consequences of the Atlantic slave trade and the effects it has on African Americans today. My interest in these histories is how they all can be found in one location, one body—the Black body— I employ this body to show power and resilience through the denial of the colonial gaze.  I redefine the gaze for the subjects I paint, allowing them to look directly out in an unflinching stare.The historical references within my work draw parallels to the social, economic and racial occurrences of today.

I use people close to me as models to represent the many facets of humanity and particular issues that directly affect me and my community. Particularly, the unjust killing of black men and women by law enforcement. I tackle the stigma of stereotypes often assigned to Blacks. For example, the “angry Black man” or “angry Black woman”. I paint figures that exist as multi-dimensional, unapologetically flawed human beings with a range of feelings they are liberated to have.