Matthew Hawtin's aesthetic language investigates painting at an intersection between sculpture, design and architecture by exploring the fundamental elements of line, color, surface, shape and form. The work exists in a space where thoughts and feelings can live; as minimal objects of meditation that reflect the spectrum of our daily emotions.
Born in the UK and raised in Canada, Matthew Hawtin studied Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. In 1999 he premiered the Torqued Paintings series, acrylic paintings with ‘torqued’ surfaces that investigated the subjective and objectiveness of painting. This initial series and reductive aesthetic has been part of his creative language ever since. Matthew’s creative output also includes artwork for music releases, DJ'ing and music production. The notions of repetition, personalization and futurism are layered within his work, revealing how the industrial and cultural landscapes of Windsor and Detroit shaped Matthew’s creative language and the translation of this artistic language across different mediums.
Hawtin has exhibited widely in the United States, Canada and Europe. His work is included in multiple private collections throughout the world. Matthew Hawtin lives and works in the Detroit Metro area and maintains a studio in Windsor, Ontario, CA. He is represented by David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI.